In this year's Super Rugby competition, you will be able to keep an eye on all the teams' progress, around some really important statistics in our game.

Each week Lyndon and the team will break down the recent fixtures and analyse improvement and key statistics among maintaining the 'Big 5'  priorities, allowing us to keep transperant with you - the fans!

These are some of the specific measures that the SANZAR Game Management department monitors every week, across every game, team and referee:

Tackle: aim - 70% ball available within 3 seconds

Scrum: aim - 70% of scrums completed on the first hit

Ball in Play: aim - 35-40 minutes per game

Offside at Ruck: aim - less than 5 per game

Turnovers at Tackle: aim - 90% accuracy by player & referee

Clean Breaks: aim - wait and see!


These statistics are meaningful to the game and help us to understand what is actually happening out in the middle, and therefore we can start to understand why certain aspects of the game are going right or wrong.

The aim to get scrums completed on the first hit to 70% comes from listening to all our fans, coaches, players and referees alike: we are currently tracking at approximately 48% in Super Rugby, so 2012 sees us set a very high benchmark, in the hope that we can make a real difference to the spectacle (for the fans), and to the quality of the ball (for the teams).

We will provide an expert commentary on what the statistics are telling us.

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