Super Rugby Pacific condemns abuse of match officials on social media.

The Super Rugby Pacific tournament strongly condemns any form of abuse directed towards Match Officials. Our officials are an essential part of every level of the game, maintaining fairness, safety, and the overall flow of the game. Their presence and expertise uphold the integrity and enjoyment of the game we love.

We urge all rugby fans, regardless of their level of involvement in the game, to actively oppose and speak out against anti-social behaviour. 

To anyone out there that might feel compelled to make such comments, we would ask you to please pause before you do – think about it, consider what you are saying to or about another human being who is giving their absolute best service to a sport that we all love. Consider the discourse that you are contributing to, the example that you are setting, the effect that such abuse may have on the people involved, and please try to exercise some self-control. Professional referees accept criticism is part of the job and are subject to robust performance reviews, but no one deserves to be abused or threatened for turning up to work and doing their job to the best of their ability – Super Rugby Pacific has a zero-tolerance attitude to such behaviour.