The Sunwolves have appointed Tony Brown as Head Coach for the 2019 Super Rugby season. 

Brown, who was the team's attack coach in 2018, will be assisted by Scott Hansen, who continues in his role as an assistant coach for the Sunwolves. Former Head Coach Jamie Joseph, due to his increased duties with the Japan National team in Rugby World Cup, will continue to support the Sunwolves in his role as Team Japan 2019 Director of Rugby. 

Commenting on his appointment Brown said, "It is a great honour to be involved in the Sunwolves coaching team as in 2018 I believe the team and club made significant improvements both on and off the field. Keeping continuity and building on 2018 is the most important thing for us in 2019 and while I am moving up to a new role the management team is still largely together and it allows Scott, myself and the rest of the management to take the Sunwolves forward and into a position to challenge the best teams in the competition."

Japan Super Rugby Association CEO, Yuji Watase, said: "With the upcoming Rugby World Cup it would be difficult for Jamie Joseph to work as both Head Coach of the Sunwolves and the Japan National Team." 

We would like Jamie to focus on the National Team next season and we have appointed Tony Brown as the Sunwolves Head Coach. Tony is a top class attack coach and both the Sunwolves and the Japan National Team continue to benefit from his coaching. Jamie and Tony have worked closely for a number of years and we are confident there will be continuity in approach and vision. 

Furthermore, Scott Hansen will lead the team as acting Head Coach when Tony Brown is periodically called away from the Sunwolves to help with World Cup preparations. I'm confident Scott and Tony will work well together, supporting each other, in leading the team."

Jamie Joseph said, "I would like to thank the Sunwolves for the opportunity to be their Head Coach in 2018. My time with the players and staff helped us prepare the National Team well for the June test series against Italy and Georgia." 

"However, in a World Cup year my core responsibility is to prepare the National Team, especially as Japan is hosting the tournament. Tony being at the helm as Head Coach will allow us to continue the hard work we invested last season, as well as prepare any players also in the national team for the World Cup. It is going to be a great year."